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Business owners chase specialist insurances

Most insurers offer cover for buildings and contents, a vehicle, and life and medical care. However, it is unusual to find an insurance provider who will offer coverage for more obscure items and eventualities.

Specialised insurance is very much a niche market, and many insurers are wary of venturing into an area for which there may be little, or no, demand. However, providing specialised insurance policies can have its advantages.

Offering a unique product can result in you standing out amongst your competition, and it can give your clients extra peace of mind in areas in which they feel the most vulnerable.

Business owners are the most likely to seek out specialised insurance, and insurers need to offer tailored plans to cover every eventuality in specific industries.

Running a business is fraught with risk and entrepreneur’s welcome additional security. With premises to maintain, employees to safeguard, unexpected losses, and assumed risks, today’s business owners face a daunting future. This is why specialised insurance can be of significant benefit.

There are numerous examples of businesses who have taken out specialised insurance cover. Aquafresh White Trays insured America Ferrera’s teeth for $10 million when she first appeared in their advertising campaigns. A Dutch wine taster who owned a vineyard in Bordeaux insured his nose for $8 million, and a coffee manufacturer insured his tongue for $3 million!

However, business owners are not the only ones who can take advantage of specialised insurance policies. Planning a wedding can be very stressful, and however carefully you plan things you never know whether the big day will go to plan.

Insurance is available to cover the cost of cancelled or rescheduled weddings, and to cover the cost of any damage that may be sustained during the wedding itself. You can even take out a policy to offer financial protection should you have twins as long as you take out the policy prior to the eleventh week of pregnancy.

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