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Festive Fire Damage


According to claims data from Aviva over the last 10 years, Christmas Day sees 120% more fire claims than an average day!!!

 Candles 1

The festive concoction of candles, tinsel and over-loaded sockets dramatically increases the likelihood of accidental fires causing Christmas to turn into a nightmare. These are not the only things that have caused fire claims on Christmas day though. We have all been in the situation on Christmas day where there is so much going on in the kitchen that we have forgotten to turn off the hob. It’s easily done but can cause Christmas to go up in smoke before you have even finished your dinner!!!

A&T’s top tips for reducing the risk of a Christmas Day fire:

  • Take care when cooking Christmas Dinner and ask for some help, especially towards the end so that there are more eyes to notice whether the hob is turned off.
  • Candles are great, but make sure they are not near the Christmas tree or any decorations as if these catch fire, the room can quickly be filled with flames.
  • Don’t over-load the electrical sockets and turn the fairy lights off when you leave the house or go to bed.

Christmas is a time where lots of people get lots of new stuff! We would recommend that you check the contents cover on your house insurance.

Ask yourself . . . if there is a fire and everything is burnt to a crisp, would my contents insurance cover it all?


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