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5 business tips for Black Friday success

The year's busiest shopping day is just a few hours away, with Black Friday falling on Friday 25th November this year. As a business, however big or small, now is the time to make the most of your time and put a strategy in place to ensure that your business benefits from the many shoppers on the streets during the build up to Christmas. 

Black Friday is famously known for its ability to increase revenue for businesses nationwide. Ensure that your business is one of the many benefitting from this busy time of year, and follow this simple advice for getting shoppers in the door and increasing your revenue as much as possible.

1) Create eye catching displays

In order to entice shoppers into your store, you need to make sure that your shop window is enticing and inviting. Position your best sale items in direct sight, to induce interest in passersby, and focus on playing to your strengths - such as products that other shops don't sell, low prices, free gift promotions or buy one get one free offers. Making sure your shop window is as interesting as possible will help to ensure that people pop in for a look around, rather than just walking past.

2) Consider your offers carefully

When composing sale lists and deciding on this year's biggest promotions, it is important to consider what your customers are actually likely to want. There is little point in spending money on marketing reduced items that - regardless of the fact you're offering an amazing discount - really, nobody wants or needs. Pay attention to the latest trends and consider the promotions that your competitors are holding during the winter season to help make sure your sales and promotions make you the profit you deserve!

3) Ensure you have enough staff

Black Friday is one of the busiest days of the year in retail so it is important that you make sure your business is well staffed in order to provide a quality, efficient service. Customers are often deterred by large queues and it is crucial that they are able to speak with a staff member should they need help or advice with a product, so make sure that your business has all hands on deck to maintain a smooth running procedure.

4) Promote your business on social media

With so many offers on the market during Black Friday sales and the general lead up to Christmas, it is important to make sure your businesses offers and deals are known amongst potential customers. In order to spread the word at a low cost and increase engagement with the public, take to social media and promote your latest deals and best selling products for all to see.

5) Check your business insurance

With an increased number of customers visiting your business, it is absolutely crucial that your business insurance policies are up to date. To ensure that all incidents within your establishment are covered, it is important to have a legal liability insurance policy in place. For potential events that could result in the closure of your business, such as adverse weather conditions or flooding, it is important that you have a business interruption coverpolicy in place. 

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