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Winter Home Safety Tips

Winter is coming and now that the clocks have gone back, it is about time you prepared your home for any possible occurrence of adverse weather conditions this season. Our home is the centre of our lives, and is most likely the most expensive investment we will make - therefore it is crucial that it is kept safe and protected at all times. Follow these tips to ensure your home is prepared for the coming winter months.

1) Clear all gutters

Throughout autumn, your gutters are likely to have filled with fallen leaves. As they become mushy in the rain, they could potentially cause a real blockage in your guttering system. Ensure that all excess rainwater is able to escape easily by making sure you clear your gutters regularly.

2) Stock up on candles and torches

In the depths of winter, stormy conditions are likely. Make sure you are prepared for any situation, such as a power cut, by stocking up on candles and torches to make sure you can see in the dark and stay safe.

3) Check insulation

Before the winter sets in, it is a good idea to check your insulation. Take extra care to check around water pipes, lofts and water tanks

4) Locate your stopcock

In the event of a burst pipe you will need to turn off your stopcock to prevent any further water coming through. Make sure you are prepared by taking the time to locate your stopcock in advance, particularly if this is your first winter in a new home.

5) Check fences and outbuildings

Winter can bring with it strong winds and stormy weather. Make sure your fences, sheds and greenhouses are up to it by checking for weak spots or areas that may need reinforcement.

6) Check your home insurance policy

Damage to your home due to flooding or any other unforeseen circumstances can prove extremely costly. Prepare yourself and your home for potential risks such as this by investing in a home insurance policy.

7) Check surrounding trees

If there are trees close to your property, it is important to check that they are strong and secure to avoid the potential risk of them blowing over and causing damage to your home.


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